You've Gotten Divorced-What Comes Next?

You've Gotten Divorced-What Comes Next?

Child custody attorney in Hamden, CT

Every couple is different, which means that every divorce is different, too. You and your former spouse might split amicably with plans to co-parent your child. Or, you just went through a messy divorce and you're worried about protecting your parental rights. In either case, it's important to have a trusted child custody attorney by your side. Call the Law Office of Robert Johnson Moore in Hamden, CT.

Understanding a child custody decision

While joint custody is the preferred outcome of custody battles in Connecticut family court, sole custody is sometimes best for the child. There are many factors that influence a child custody decision. The court will ask the following questions:

  • Who is the primary caretaker?

  • Is the child old enough to testify?

  • Are the parents in good health?

At the Law Office of Robert Johnson Moore, we know that your goal is to do what's best for your child-that's our goal, too. We'll speak up for you and fight for your parental rights. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney in Hamden, CT.