Understand Child Protection in Hamden, CT

Understand Child Protection in Hamden, CT

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A child is most often removed from a home by authorities when they find the child in imminent risk of being in danger. If anyone, including an anonymous source, calls the authorities and reports that possible child abuse or neglect is occurring in your house, your child can be taken away during the investigation process.

If you're fighting to regain custody of your child, the Law Office of Robert Johnson Moore is here for you. We can help you navigate child protection laws in Hamden, CT or beyond.

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To get your child back from Child Protective Services, you need to work with the Department for Children and Families (DCF). Attorney Moore can help by:

  • Scheduling a consultation with you
  • Sending a petition to the DCF
  • Walking you through the DCF's response
  • Helping you decide whether to follow their protocol or fight them in court
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